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Back in 2006 we came into the cattle breeding business almost completely ignorant, with open minds and anxious to learn from any established farmers; books written by experts and the cattle themselves.

The ‘Body Corporate’ approach has served us well and given us the opportunity to get much closer to the cattle than could be possible on a ‘corporatised’ property running thousands of head.

Add to this our establishment in 2010 of ‘Bonnie Beef Growers’, a farm-based marketing exercise which puts our beef into the hands of discerning consumers in as direct a method as is possible. Developed by studying the restrictive legislation and discounting a lot of the hearsay promoted by the industry at large, this activity has provided feedback from the customers themselves and from this we have learnt what constitutes ‘good beef’ and how it can be produced.

We have, in the last two and a half years supplied in excess of 7800 kilograms of beef to hundreds of customers, all sourced from our own farm ‘Surrey Springs’ at Wolvi in south east Queensland, where incidentally we live, or from small farmers in the immediate vicinity who subscribe to the humane treatment of cattle as we do.

We transport the cattle to the abattoir, we supervise the boning out at the butchers, and we personally vacuum package and label the finished product. So you – the customer – knows where your beef comes from; knows the breed; knows it has been humanely produced; and can be confident that you have the best beef possible.

Visit Processing and product for more details of how we process our cattle.

Our main interest is in breeding ‘Aussie-Style Wagyu’, the world’s undisputed best eating beef. Ours are bred specifically for the local palate and the way Australians like to eat beef. Visit Why buy Wagyu for more information about this breed.

We don’t employ marketing Experts to write our pages, so what you see is what you get and we stand by every word.


11 Responses to About Bonnie Beef Growers

  1. Ben says:

    We had some friends over today and cooked up some bonnie beef rump. We all loved it. The kids had Bonnie beef sausages and couldn’t stop them saying yum. Thank you.

  2. Dawn says:

    When I got home from the Maleny Real Food festival I cooked the Senepol topside roast – it was sensational Kym! And just to make sure I cooked it perfectly I checked the main meal website for cooking times and temps. Thanks Bonnie Beef for truly wonderful meals from local, caring producers.

  3. I love this stuff, it’s actually pretty versatile too.

  4. Toni van Dyk says:

    Hi Kym,
    So cool to meet you guys at the Manly Markets on Saturday I am so looking forward to placing my first order. Just doing the budget now as this needs to happen.

    Is there any reason why you don’t include Sirloin cuts? The other half has a favourite. Mum loves T-bone, I’m happy with rump (do love a good eye fillet though). The other half Sirloin – there is always one…. Anyway just get back to me just curious won’t affect my ordering meat that’s for sure.

    • BBG says:

      Hi Toni. Thanks for the message. I don’t think it will go live until I approve it, which I will ’cause it’s a good question. We deliberated initially on what to include in our packs, and eventually chose T-bones as one of the cuts because for us “oldies” it is a perennial favourite, but we’re always open to suggestion and have noticed that our market customers don’t exactly flock to the t-bones when they are in the fridge. Maybe it is time for a change in our packs and that’s why we appreciate feedback. The other thing we thought about is that T-bone is sirloin on one side and eye fillet on the other, so it’s always an option to cut the meat from the bone, even after capturing the extra flavour achieved by cooking with the bone in. Ultimately, we are always happy to tweak the packs to suit each of our customers as they like, so feel free to let me know what suits you. We substitute similar values, so the weight of the pack may change. It’s the nice side of packing all of our orders individually. Sometimes we may not have access to all cuts, depending on what’s in our stock at the time, but I’ll always let you know to give you choice and control over your beef order. Keep smiling and We’re looking forward to meeting your beef needs.

  5. Conrad becker says:

    Loved your beef sausages also the merlot what year was that….????????

    • BBG says:

      Thank you Conrad…. I believe the merlot vintage was good (LOL). We don’t use bottled merlot, but we do use the best cask one we can afford – Yalumba 2 L variety. Keep smiling, Kym Burnell-Jones

  6. i live at wurtulla and iam looking to buy a side of beef and have it delivered so could you please let me know estimate on weight and price please, thanking you, kevin phillips.

    • BBG says:

      Hi Kevin. Our sides of beef usually dress out to between 125 to 150 kg, bone-in. We sell it for $10/kg dressed weight, vacuum-packed to your specifications and delivered. Usually, we vacuum-pack all of our beef in meal-sized portions for easy management from your end. Our beef sides are dry-aged (hung) for up to 2 weeks before we bone it out and pack it up, and it is grass-fed, sustainably-grown, prime beef, usually about 2 years old. This way we get amazing flavour depth, as well as tenderness from well-reared cattle. You can also see what sort of cuts we do on our online shop: https://www.openfoodnetwork.org.au/bonnie-beef-growers/shop. Let me know if you need any more information. Keep smiling, Kym Burnell-Jones.

  7. Te Aroha Paul says:


    Can you please give a quote on a 1/4 Beef 1/4 Pork and a side of lamb. I would like the roasts of all the cuts of meat to be left at 6kg, the rest of the meat i would like mince, chops, sausages, steak.

    I live in Caloundra, so could you als0 quote me on delivery.

    I look forward to your reply.


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