Bonnie Beef newsletter 22 September 2015


Here’s a little bit of news from Kym and Geoff at Providence Farmstead, the home of Bonnie Beef

We’re making a delivery run down the coast to Brisbane this Saturday (26 September). There’s a great range of frozen sampler packs available to order at 30% off our full prices, representing excellent value, especially as beef prices continue to rise in the shops. Visit our online shop at:

Orders must close late Thursday night so we can organise our run for Saturday. Continue reading

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Bonnie Beef product availability 2015

June 12, 2015

We have a limited number of cattle left available for processing into beef.


Ironically, after months of good rainfall, warm weather and excellent growth in our pastures, the last few years’ droughts have caught up with us.

As farmers of small properties in the Sunshine Coast and Gympie hinterlands, we work together to bring you stress-free, grass-fed, clean, happy, prime beef. Our current beef producers are Bev and Gordon McKauge (Surrey Springs) – Kym’s parents, Nina and Steve (Banyan View Farm) – Kym and Geoff’s friends in Pinbarren Valley, and Janelle and Allan (Ridgevale Farm) at Goomboorian.

For the last few years, we have experienced long, dry winters with very little feed, and very little available to buy in. The result is that we have been de-stocking a lot of our breeding stock, and delaying buying in additional weaners until we were sure that the paddocks could support the remaining animals.

Nina and Steve, and Janelle and Allan have only just bought weaners. These beasties won’t be ready until the new year. Bev and Gordon have little ones on the ground, but, again, most won’t be ready until 2016. We (Kym and Geoff) will be taking some of Bev and Gordon’s weaners to our new Imbil farm just as soon as we have secure fencing, but they also will not be ready for some time.

What we have left, and when we plan on processing them, is set out below. Ultimately it may not be enough to support both the online shop and Noosa market., and after much thoughtful discussion, we have decided to prioitise our online shop and home delivery. We will continue to attend Noosa Market while we have stock to sell.

We may have access to limited numbers of cattle as we can source them to keep supplies ticking over during the last part of 2015 and into early 2016, but we can’t guarantee supply.

So, from about August, beef supplies from Bonnie Beef will slow a bit while we re-group and take care of our remaining youngsters. If you were thinking of getting an extra tuckerbox freezer to hoard some beef, we are more than happy to take pre-orders for any beef from the remaining cattle, just let me know:

During this time of relative beef quietness, we will be working on adding new products/produce to broaden our base, and Bonnie Beef will become part of our “Providence Farmstead” enterprise. Watch this space, as they say.

The schedule (as it stands 12 June)

Current: 1 x grass-fed F1 Wagyu (Surrey Springs), available for sale and delivery from 13 June 2015

15 June 2015: 2 x Droughtmasters (Ridgevale Farm), ready for sale and delivery from 4 July

10 July 2015: 3 x Droughtmasters (Banyan View Farm), ready for sale and delivery from 25 July

TBA: grass-fed F1 Wagyu (Surrey Springs) – we have access to three or four more before the end of 2015


We do appreciate the support of all of our amazing customers, and the way you appreciate great quality beef from animals that are properly fed and cared for. We especially appreciate that you support what we are trying to achieve to keep a strong, vibrant, local agrarian economy alive. Thank you, thank you, thank you…. and please buy from local farmers and producers as much as you can.

Kym and Geoff Burnell-Jones
Slow farming specialists
Providence Farmstead: the new home of Bonnie Beef

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Meat & Co. issue 01 available to download now

Introducing a magnificent new booklet series from Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA): Meat & Co.

Meat & Co Issue 1 cover

Meat & Co Issue 1 cover

This publication features wonderful recipes, information about beef and beef cuts, and entices you to try different cuts of beef that you may, or may not be, familiar with.

Bonnie Beef can supply most cuts either off-the-shelf, or with some notice.

The first issue is out of print, but you can download here (Meat & Co. issue 01) it as a PDF (2.9 MB) for your own perusal.

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Launching at Noosa Farmers’ Markets

Sunday 27 March is a red letter day for Bonnie Beef – we’re launching at the Noosa Farmers’ Markets! Our main objective is to take orders for our most excellent beef packs, but we will have an assortment of cuts available for separate purchase too – at least while stock lasts.

We will also have a limited number of 5 kg Sampler Packs of both our “regular” beef and our premium grass-fed F1 Wagyu.

Additionally, if you choose to pick up your order from the markets and save us a delivery trip, we will offer a bonus pack of sausages or mince for each 10 kg Pack purchased, or a pack of sausages and a pack of mince for each Quarter or half pack purchased.

We’ll be there every Sunday from next week on. Bring your cooler bags to buy a selection of beef cuts for your week’s meals, or a trolley to collect your order. Geoffrey will also be able to help you to your car with your pack.

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Animal wellbeing a basic human decency

From: TheAustralian

March 14, 2011

GROCERY retail giant Coles has unjustly come under fire in these pages (March 2) from a group reportedly led by Ian Lean, adjunct professor of veterinary science at the University of Sydney and managing director of SBScibus, formerly known as Strategic Bovine Services and Cattle Production Consultants.

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Noosa Farmers’ Markets

More good news! We will also be launching into the Noosa Farmers’ Markets sometime towards the end of this month. They are keen to have us as we will be the only beef seller that actually produce our own product and supply from our farm. Noosa Markets operate every Sunday from 7 am to 12 noon – very civilised!

Once again customers will have direct access to smaller packs, individual packs, order pick-up and placement for home delivery.

We will, of course, let you know our exact start date.

Keep smiling

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Powerhouse Markets

Great news! We have been given the news that we will have a spot at the Powerhouse Markets from April. We will be sure to let everyone know the actual start date. This means that we can sell smaller 5 kg Sampler Packs and individual cuts that are excess to our other packs. Customers can also pick up their orders from here, or place orders for home delivery.

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New market opportunities

We got news today, that we are “on the list” for a spot at Mitchelton Markets, but not to be put off, we immediately made enquiries about Powerhouse Farmers’ Markets… Stay tuned, we’ll let you know if we are successful in securing a spot there.

In the meantime, Mum, Dad, Geoffrey and I are making a trip to the Noosa Farmers’ Market on Sunday to check that out as a potential Bonnie Beef haunt.

Keep smiling

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All at your fingertips

Find out about our farm-direct beef, explore our Surrey Springs property – the home of Bonnie Beef, become a Bonnie Beef Facebook fan, subscribe to our email newsletter, or place an order for our delicious beef. It’s all right here at your fingertips.

Feel free to explore our new site, leave feedback or contact us about anything to do with our beef.

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New Bonnie Beef web site

Welcome to Bonnie Beef, where our lives revolve around the welfare of our animals.

We are migrating our web site to this wonderful new platform. Please give us a few days to get everything up to date.

Kym, Geoff, Bev and Gordon
Bonnie Beef Growers

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