Bonnie Beef newsletter 22 September 2015


Here’s a little bit of news from Kym and Geoff at Providence Farmstead, the home of Bonnie Beef

We’re making a delivery run down the coast to Brisbane this Saturday (26 September). There’s a great range of frozen sampler packs available to order at 30% off our full prices, representing excellent value, especially as beef prices continue to rise in the shops. Visit our online shop at:

Orders must close late Thursday night so we can organise our run for Saturday.

We are also taking pre-orders for bulk packs from our next beast. Note that this will be an Aussie-Style F1 Wagyu cross – completely grass-fed (no grain) and therefore low in fat, high in flavour and excellent texture. Pre-ordered bulk packs (starter, quarter and half) for this round will be sold at our “regular” beef breed prices, so this is a fine opportunity to try our special Wagyu without blowing the budget. Smaller packs and loose cuts will still be at our usual Aussie-Style Wagyu prices.

Our mission as a family is to raise happy cattle, deliver an excellent beef eating experience, and share the stories behind the food you feed your family.

Click here to view our packs and order online

GrazingCowsWe’re adapting

We’ve been struggling with increasing costs throughout the last year or so, since the drought has started to bite, and have resisted passing costs through to our customers, instead absorbing them to keep our product affordable.

In addition, the dynamics of markets around Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast have been changing, turning more into “visitors” markets and not so much “shoppers” markets, and definitely no longer “farmers” markets. We have noticed a drop in regular customers as a consequence, and smaller sales. Along with the proliferation of markets popping up in more and more suburbs, our customer base is diluting, in tandem with market costs increasing. This is why we are taking a break from markets for now, and we are very disappointed to let any of our loyal regulars down as a consequence.

However, this has meant that we need to assess how we do business and farming. We are looking at exciting new ways to expand our enterprise, design our farm, develop our on-farm activities, explore value-adding, and get fresh, delicious, produce into your hands and hearts. One way has been through our online shop.

Processing and paying our farmers (Mum and Dad, and Nina and Steve) for one of our beasties, costs us around $2000 before we even get one kilogram into a customer’s hands. This is a lot of money for us, as well as ending up with between 175 and 220 kg of product to move in a short space of time. So we know we can cover costs before we process, we are now taking pre-orders for beef and will process a beautiful steer once we have sold most of him. Bulk packs are on our shop ready to pre-order, and we’ll let you know when to expect delivery once we have enough orders.

The great news is, at least for this cycle, we are offering bulk packs from one of our special grass-fed Wagyus at regular beef prices, quite a good saving and an excellent opportunity to try this amazing beef.

We are also currently selling our existing stocks of frozen packs at 30% off regular full prices, a great way to fill your freezer with awesome prime beef.

Your support is awesome, and keeps us going, so thank you for continuing to read about us, enjoy our beef, and support small local farmers in your communities.

Visit our shop for available stock

eat more beef30% off full retail price
Frozen Sampler Packs

A great way to stock up the freezer with excellent value, awesome beef.

At the end of each cycle, we freeze anything that’s left into smaller packs, and offer a great discount. The beef is still best quality, and you have two years freezer life from the date it was packed. We would just rather it be in your freezer than ours.

Most boxes weigh in at around 7kg, and to give you a bit of an idea, you can feed your family the best quality grass-fed beef for as little as $2.85 per serve (based on a 200g serve), even less depending on what cuts are in each pack and what you cook with them. A hearty stew, for instance, packed with fresh veggies, will be even better value.

There are some great selections available and we will deliver them for free to Brisbane for orders of $100 or more, and Sunshine Coast for orders of $50 or more.

Select a pack

trailerHome Delivery

We are currently making deliveries every second or third Saturday from the Sunshine Coast to Brisbane.

Delivery is free to the Sunshine Coast for orders of $50 or more, and to Brisbane for orders of $100 or more.

We can also make special deliveries by arrangement if your order is big enough to entice us to leave the farm (that is, pay for our fuel).

Geoffrey and I (Kym) do make the deliveries ourselves to make sure you can meet the people involved with raising and packing your food, and that you’re happy with your beef.

We do appreciate positive and constructive feedback, but will take on board any concerns so we can continue to improve our product and service.

Contact us:

WeJustDoBeefHelp us out
Sunshine Coast Beef survey

If you have 10-15 minutes, please participate in a survey about beef in the Noosa area. This is part of building a better beef industry in our local area, and may lead to a better and more secure business for all of us.

If you’d like to make extra comments on any subject that’s not covered by the questions, please pass them on to me and I’ll make sure they get to the right people.

Noosa Beef consumer survey

email Kym with any additional comments:

Support other farmers in your area
Our friends and compatriots

Do you love cheese? It’s actually easier than you think to make cheese in your own home kitchen. My very dear friend Dawn at Easy Cheesy ( conducts fun half-day workshops in her specialised training kitchen, showing you just how easy it is to make your own delicious cheese. If you’re looking for something fun and productive to do, book in and bring your friends.

Denise and Pele literally live right around the corner from Mum and Dad’s farm. They grow pigs, chickens, ducks and offer raw goat’s milk and duck eggs when available. Check out their products, farm and where you can find them at:

Suncoast Limes’ ( Daniel and Linda, grow limes and make the best cordials, drinks and salts on-farm. We stock their amazing products and you can add them to your orders in our online shop. Yum!

If you have friends and/or rellies near the central NSW coast, our friends Lauren and Greg of Linga Longa Farm (Manning Valley) will be able to supply fresh beef to them. Greg attends market on Sydney’s north side on Fridays, and Everleigh Markets at Redfern in Sydney  on Saturdays. They also deliver into Sydney. Check them out at:

Belle and Tim from Tillari Trotters ( are doing what we are – growing their animals humanely and with love, to bring you delicious, healthy pork, lamb and hoggett direct from their family to yours. Their Tamworth pork and lamb/hoggett are delicious like pork and lamb should be.

Maleny Dairy products: look for them in local markets, or visit their web site to find a stockist near you:

Bonnie Beef Growers
360 Kandanga-Imbil Road
Imbil, Qld 4570

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2 Responses to Bonnie Beef newsletter 22 September 2015

  1. Greg Newell says:

    Thank you for your lovely words on your newes letter .we really miss you guys here at Linga Longa farm .sending our love and hope you are on your feet again soon and help keep the farmers marked dream alive .of only getting farmers at markets who grow what they sell and not on sellers making out there farmers who live in high rise city blocks .or market managers who flood markets with whole sales and imported produce and hood wink the public to think they are at a farmers market

    • BBG says:

      Thanks Greg. Your words of encouragement always make me feel better. Here’s to a future full of genuine farmers markets and farmers who sell out by 10 am!

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