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Bonnie Beef Growers will only ever use your information to facilitate the ordering and delivery of your beef orders, or keep you informed of Bonnie Beef Growers business that directly relates to our customer-seller relationship.

We are not in the business of passing on any of your details to third parties, and will never do so without your express written permission.

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  1. Michelle says:

    Could you please tell me if your meat is halal?

    • BBG says:

      Hi Michelle,
      I’m so very sorry for not relying to your post, I have only just been made aware that my web system hasn’t be sending me emails when there is a post to approve. Don’t you just love technology!?
      No, we don’t require our beef to be Halal.
      Let me know if you need any more information.
      Keep smiling,Kym

  2. Bernadette Flueckiger says:

    Hi Kym
    I found you again, readmyour article in QLD smartfarmer, good to hear that you are getting settled, and i understand it is not an easy path, but sooo much more rewarding than city life, despite the hard work. I have gone through quite some changes myself and now i am in the process of opening a restaurant in Burpengary. I will definitely check out mit my chef if we can purchase your meat for the restaurant. It will offer European food, i currently have two German chefs (here on a working holiday visa) who will help me with setting up the kitchen, menu, opening etc. i hope to open beginning or mid October, so all exciting and new ground to cover. I am looking to have local suppliers and if i am able to assist you, it would be great. However, this is only if you are interested as well. I am a vegetarian myself and it is thus extremely important to me that the meat we use is from ‘happy’ animals. So, need to get some sleep, as i am still working full time besides the set up of the new adventure. Hope to hear from you, take care and kindest regards, Bernadette

    • BBG says:

      Hi Bernadette,
      I’m so very sorry for not relying to your post, I have only just been made aware that my web system hasn’t be sending me emails when there is a post to approve. Don’t you just love technology!? And I’m mortified that I missed your post as I would be so excited to work with local eateries that understand what we are trying to do and would take up the challenge of nose-to-tail eating.
      Would love to come and have a chat to you to see if we could work together, just let me know when you might be available and we’ll work out a mutually agreeable time.
      We have a lot of vegetarian customers now, ex-veg, partners of vegs and vegs that buy meat for their families, so completely understand and support you. We’re thinking of adding a byline “beef suppliers to vegetarians” (joking).
      Keep smiling, Kym

  3. Steve King says:

    Do you supply Wagyu centre cut rump.

    • BBG says:

      Hi Steve,
      I’m so very sorry for not relying to your post, I have only just been made aware that my web system hasn’t be sending me emails when there is a post to approve. Don’t you just love technology!?
      Anyway, in response to your question – I would need to have have a chat to our butcher to see if taking out the centre cut would leave us with saleable product for the remainder. As we are a small family farm, only producing up to 50 animals each year for sale, we need to be able to sell all our beasts to remain viable.
      However, if we can supply you with your special cut without adversely affecting our sales, I would love to work with you.
      I should point out that our Wagyu is specially bred to suit the way we like to eat beef – so the marbling is fine and there’s not huge amounts of it, and we grow them out to around 30 months to achieve a deeply-flavoured prime beef. This is why we call it Aussie-Style Wagyu.
      Keep smiling, Kym

  4. Karen Gould says:

    Hi, after seeing a show on a current affair about woollies and Coles treating the cattle farmers so poorly and all of our good beef being sent overseas, I wanted to know how I could buy direct from the farmer and cut those big guys out! So I started researching and came across your website! So thought I would have a go!
    We live in Currumbin valley on the Gold Coast. I would like to try a starter pack but am unsure whether to go with the standard or the Charolais/Hereford ? I would to make this a regular thing so don’t want to choose the wrong thing and be disappointed and not come back? My husband said he doesn’t go much on wagyu as he thinks it is too fatty. He prefers his meat lean, if that helps with which way we should go? Also, do you sell lamb or pork as well? Let me know which way to go and if you deliver this far and I will place an order. My phone number at home is 0755330235. Feel free to email or phone.

    Thank you

    • BBG says:

      Hi Karen,
      Sorry for not replying sooner. The web page system is supposed to send me an email when a comment is posted, but I guess it hasn’t been doing that. Thanks for your call yesterday too, as much to let me know as to have a nice chat.
      To let you know how we work, we are a family with a small (167 acres) farm up near Gympie and we specialise in Brangus cross and Aussie-Style Wagyu cross. Both breeds have been getting really good feedback from our customers. As I explained, we get a lot of people saying that they don’t like Wagyu, but mostly they have only experienced grain-fed, lot-raised animals that have been poorly treated and forced to eat a fattening diet. This suits the way Asians like to eat beef – thinly and with the extra fat – but not the way we like to eat it – in large chunks like steaks. So we have bred our full-blood Wagyu bull (Mac) with Droughtmaster, Brahman and other breeds of heifers to reduce the amount of natural fat they may build up. We also grass-feed our animals and grow crops for them (like sorghum and oats, but for leaf, not for grain) so they get to eat lush greenery all year. Combining a lifestyle where we are in contact with them almost every day to keep them stress-free, and then letting them grow a little older (30 months or so for our special Wagyu and 18-20 months for our other breeds, produces a deeply-flavoured prime beef that retains it’s tenderness and excellent eating qualities.
      We do find that grass-feeding our animals and letting them get older produces a fine natural marbling through the meat that increases the eating qualities, enhancing flavour and tenderness, but without offering great rivers of fat.
      Our goal is to produce 50 animals each year to service a local market that understands and appreciates what we are trying to do. As we don’t quite have enough land to make this goal, we are also working closely with a few small farmers in our community who feel the same way about their animals as we do about ours, and share similar goals with a local food supply. This way, we also have access to other breeds like Hereford, Charolias, Senepol, etc. The main-stream beef business is focussed on supplying consistent eating quality meat, but we are embracing diversity by offering different breeds, although we do work hard to maintain a quality product while doing this. Some of our customers will wait until we have their favourite breed available.
      This does mean that we don’t always have all the breeds available, but we will be able to supply you with excellent beef, and let you know if one might be better that the other, more flavoursome (older), have more marbling, etc., especially as we pack it at the butcher.
      I was thinking that we have two excellent animals just packed up and if you wanted to try a mixed pack for your first order, I could freeze it for you this week for you to collect later this month. All the cuts are vacuum-packed, so freezing does not adversely affect the beef and they will stay fresh until you thaw them. Otherwise, Mum and I still have to work out what we will be processing next and when another of our Wagyu will become available.
      Let me know by email ( and keep smiling, Kym

  5. Andrea Wardrop says:

    I would like to start purchasing your beef and was wondering if you also provide kidney, heart, marrow bones etc.

    Thank You

    • BBG says:

      Hi Andrea. Being farmers and only processing (usually) two animals at a time, we have limited quantities of offal, however, we’re more than happy to supply what we can. We usually get about 4-5 kg of marrow bones too. Keep smiling, Kym B-J

  6. Brayden Tear says:

    How much is wagyu a kilo

    • BBG says:

      Hi Brayden. The price of our Aussie-Style F1 grass-fed Wagyu depends on the cut you’re after. Most of our secondary cuts are the same price as our “regular” beef, but prime cuts are more expensive. If you want a whole side or whole beats the dressed wright price for Wagyu is $15/kg and our beasts average around 250kg or so. If you let me know what cuts you’re after, I can give you prices. Keep smiling, Kym

  7. Martin says:

    Hi can you supply bones and marrow bones from grass fed beef ? If so how much ? And how do I buy ? Cheers

    • BBG says:

      Hi Martin. Sorry for my late reply. The “system” did not notify me of your request. We sell marrow bones for $8/kg, frozen, and available from our online shop:, open Tuesdays to Thursdays. We have a minimum of $100 order fro free home delivery, otherwise a $15 delivery charge. You can also order for collection at Noosa Market. All of our beef is grass fed. Let me know if you need any more info. Kym, Bonnie Beef

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